She’s So Smart

September 29, 2008

she is so smart
i can’t even speak!
the cloaks i use,
the words i choose,
all of them are like smoke
but to her eyes — no use,
she sees through them
even when they sting
she doesn’t miss a thing.

The Fence

September 29, 2008

there is no fence between the yards
and the weeds cross
long shaggy grass and dandelions.
both sides share a single beauty
i sit in one yard and dream of being in the other
it has to be more perfect
mostly because it is not here;
it has to be more wonderful
because i am not there;
the grass is just as green
and needs just as sorely to be cut
but i cant help the feeling left out
because i am not lying on its lawn.
soon i hate that yard
and spurn its comfort
because it was never mine.
i grow to despise the greenness of it
and so i till my plot black.
i build a fence, a terrible and high fence.
then i lean on it feeling safe
and right.
but soon enough
i am dreaming of the yards with no fence,
the ease and comfort.
and so i tear down bits of the wall
but find the neighbors
rebuilding it behind.
now the grass is greener on the other side
but only because i killed mine.

We Made Vinegar with Our Grapes

September 24, 2008

we made vinegar with our grapes,
bitter and briny,
knotted our fates
tangled and viney.
but vinegar has uses too,
we can make the best of this,
they were never bad grapes,
just not as sweet as those chosen for wine.
the path we chose
was perhaps better, at least, than rotting on the vine.

Dust Piles on the Dunes

September 23, 2008

like dust piles on the dunes
we don’t control where we go
for we know not what we do
but only what we’ve done

Wealthy and Sick

September 21, 2008

don’t think you’re wealthy
just because you aren’t poor
and don’t ever believe you’re healthy
just because you aren’t sick

The Stony Shore

September 21, 2008

i visit the stony shore
where the daisies are
like little crowned kings
standing in the mud
left soft and rank
by summer floods; 
not unlike they
i’m watching the seasons sway:
summer’s gone pink
and headed west
with autumn on its heels,
soon the river will be frozen
and their kingdom made of ice,
but the lords of the shore
show little concern,
possessing patience i have yet to learn.

Shivering Cold

September 20, 2008

she tastes like liquor
unintelligible  mumblings
and soft lips.
her hands are cold,
but that isn’t why you’re shivering.
your eyes are locked
have been for months,
her touch is gentle
but what will this be
when you wake up?
the bottle will be empty
and the blankets will be cold,
there is no simple ending
in fact, no ending at all.
you are thief,
a cheat,
and no one knows.

Winter’s Door

September 20, 2008

winter’s door has a light under it
beaming white across the hall,
there aren’t any sounds
like the music of summer
or the rainy spring’s pitter patter,
just the white sliver
underneath the door.

A Simple Metaphor (And a Simile)

September 19, 2008

like an overripe peach,
still on the branch
im soft and out of reach,
drawing ants;
all of my friends left before the leaves
they fell or were picked,
off to plant their seeds
yet any who eats me, will only get sick.