She’s So Smart

she is so smart
i can’t even speak!
the cloaks i use,
the words i choose,
all of them are like smoke
but to her eyes — no use,
she sees through them
even when they sting
she doesn’t miss a thing.

3 Responses to She’s So Smart

  1. jpeiler says:

    Amazing poetry! I love it! I love your descriptions, and someday you will be a poet! thx, and check out my blog, cause noone has ever commented.

  2. thejetclub says:

    Thank you very much! Jpeiler, what is the link to your blog? I’d like to read it.

  3. Someday you will be a poet?! Who ever heard of someone saying such a thing?

    *takes deep, calming breath* Following patterns and age-old rhyme schemes is not what makes you a poet. It’s the power to make age-old rhymes and words and cliche-d phrases new and powerful once again. The ability to say more than you’ve written, to “pack a punch” so to speak. :D *gives rueful grin*

    Good poem. I like the last two lines. They end it well.

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