Never Turn Your Back to the Sea

October 29, 2008

things will get better again,
but when they do, will we notice?
caught up in microcosms
while the universe swirls above us,

we are quietly conditioned
and too focused to see,
we imagine ourselves mighty
but warn, never turn your back to the sea.


October 29, 2008

so i must admit
that you’ve got me
all wrong again,
but here goes, here goes

i went down
to your house
just see if
you’d be around
but you’re not, you’re always gone

How Many How Much

October 28, 2008

how much torture
is prerequisite 
to rescue?

how much tension
has to build
before release?

how many questions
before answers?

how many wars
will be fought
in the name of peace?

Freedom and Justice for All

October 28, 2008

must be complete
for anyone to be free
and justice
must be stern and true
in order that it be just.


October 24, 2008

as our riches fade
and culture crumbles 
into the dust from which
the bricks will be fired
to build the houses of our
some things remain unchanged,
strength of will
and beauty in nature still


October 23, 2008

words have echoes
our common bond,
upon history’s lips
the great thinker’s thoughts
are a romantic’s kiss;
words have voices,
gravestone epitaphs,
or initials carved to a tree,
ringing through hallways
and whispering through the sheets;
words have tastes,
sweet as golden summer
and cool as Robert Frost.


October 22, 2008

the wealthy die rich
the poor die sick
and nowhere between
are their lines mixed