A Cup of Worry

i sit drinking Earl Grey with honey
thinking of things i’d trade for money
the list is short, i have little use for money
other than to pass it on directly
to people whose goal is to constantly hunt me,

the tea is a little too sweet, must be the honey
so i dip the bag a couple more times and the liquid darkens minutely,
perhaps i should drink something stronger like coffee or brandy,
oh! i’d nearly forgotten my list completely!
just as well, there’s not much more to add, apparently
there’s my car…my phone… my computer… and thats it, really.

even if i owned anything worth anything i doubt i’d trade it for money,
though my creditors want me to think they need it so badly
and that they need me to be timely,
maybe they just don’t drink enough tea…
or maybe its just impossible for me
to worry about anything.


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