When the Poet Sings

when the poet sings, nobody dances;
but he’s so sad!
he sings in 6/8 time and past tense
crying about things he’s never really felt
using euphemisms he’s never really meant
dreaming of the places he wishes he never went to
somehow making up his mind
that it will all come in due time
and that the ending will be just fine
so long as he can finish the line
with gentle rhythm and imperfect rhyme.

3 Responses to When the Poet Sings

  1. i really like it. can not sa what exsacly i like in it. mabye its simplicity, mabye the 6/8 time and past tense. just made me have nice feeling in the body, made me think. don’t need much more

  2. boogiestu says:

    Very nice, I felt I was looking in the mirror. will check back!

  3. Very true.

    How many great poets of the past were not alone, in the end? Very few that are my favorites, is all I have to say.

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