Stars in Our Eyes

December 31, 2008

there is no romance
and there is no love
there is nothing but stars,
stars in our eyes.

there is no honesty
and there is no truth
there is nothing but stars,
stars in our eyes.

there is no romance
so there is no cause
there is no cause for these stars
these stars in our eyes.

Heart of Love

December 28, 2008

sometimes love spreads its spores
and they, wriggling, enter your pores
finding your heart is an open port

at the very center of rivers with red shores.
they feed its greed and desirous stupor
heeding its cry, ‘more! more! more!’

but like an addict, crippl’d on the floor
even its regular tasks become a chore
and it soon decides to beat no more.


December 27, 2008

legs feed the wolf
eyes feed the vulture
the heart feeds the flies
and skeletons feed the earth,
the wind consumes the dust
water eats the rocks
winter eats the fall
and time swallows it all.

We Are Beautiful

December 27, 2008

aren’t we beautiful?
we are little weeds
caustic and combustible
so caught up in our deeds,

the comings and goings in
our milieu and our friends 
the things that surrounding
us entertain us to our ends.

New Winter

December 24, 2008

this new winter
clothed like the last
new only in number
similar in taste
a cold and somber flavor 
just like the old ones
its hard to swallow
but it will be gone
some sunny warm tomorrow

A Beat at a Time

December 24, 2008

sad little heart
crying in its tea
spreading its virus
throughout the blood stream
palpitate palpitate
let him know you’re still alive
broken and sad
but still working  
a beat at a time

Fifths in the Hook

December 21, 2008

i slip into 5ths
like a little black dress,
polish and sparkle
edgy yet artful and elegantly simple,
it will stick in your mind
and replay time after time. 
caught in the simplest line
waves of sine
but the frequencies blend
and resolve in the end.