The Longwinded Goodbye

December 16, 2008

Longwinded goodbye
with no like minded reply
swirls in the smoke,
She hesitantly spoke,
“Such a desperate attempt
to have what has left,
Such ado in verb and clause
an attempt to remember
how you thought it was.”

Currents, Tides and Waves

December 13, 2008

the temperament of the sea
can only be so much blamed
on the words i speak,
the breath i exhale
in delivering my speech,
the waves of the ocean
do not rely on me
for how they will behave
when the meet a far away beach,
the corners of the pacific
the edges of the arctic
the shallows of the indian
or the darkness of the atlantic
all are indifferent 
to the likes of me.

Let’s Talk About the Weather

December 8, 2008

So here I am again,
there’s brandy in my coffee
and an aching in my head.
The smoke in here is wafting
and the music is a drag,
my pen is running dry
my notebook is full,
I’m writing on the margins.
I will run out of space
before I clear my head.
I will see your face
before I see my bed.
Snow gets deeper and deeper
but it isn’t that cold,
the sky is purple.
There I go again,
talking about the weather
I ramble and ramble
when I have something to say.
Like a labyrinth I get lost
I am no Daedalus,
I never get around to meaning anything,
but I say it anyway.

Wicked Tricks

December 8, 2008

awful tricks,
i am captured in her nets
by the lines
she spun like webs,
as charged,
and her face —
she need say no more.

I Had A Feeling

December 6, 2008

her dress is as white as a winter skyline…
my hopes are as high as the top of the world,
her eyes are stealing my consciousness,
just like i had a feeling they would.

Don’t Pretend. Don’t Imagine.

December 5, 2008

Keep your God damn hands to yourself.
You aren’t romantic,
you are petty, fake, and needy.
Don’t pretend. Don’t Imagine.
Leave those selfish clams
to their own pasty hands.
Don’t fall, trip, slide, or jump
into anything they sell.

Option B

December 4, 2008

option b,
implode —
give up,
and in epic fashion