January 14, 2009

How love tangles
and knots until we struggle to breathe!
What glue keeps love in our hearts,
so that all attempts to pry it from its place
fail, or indeed strengthen its bond?


January 14, 2009

Is truth preferable to a lie?
perhaps not.
I love you, she lies.
And he is lying, too,
although he doesn’t yet know.
Is life preferable to Death?
who can tell?
You will have each only once
and each in its turn.
The greater of the two
we will yet learn.

Sleepy Hill

January 14, 2009

There, on the shadiest knob
of that giant hill, sleeps my attention,
but i don’t wake it.
some ways closer to the bottom
lies ambition.


January 11, 2009

Warm and clever,
liar liar liar,
love me tender,
liar liar liar,
woman of grace and pride – –
maybe just the pride.
lover, friend.


Eyes Like Sleep

January 8, 2009

eyes like sleep
and crave it in the light,
counting the hours
in deliberation for the night,
when, pulling closed the shades
and locking up tight,
sliding and turning
they take flight,
through wild worlds
of alternate lives,
until morning comes
scalding and bright.