Worth Living

February 28, 2009

I sit here dreaming of a life worth living
(and imagining some day it will be mine)
wondering what makes it so worth having.

Wine Drunk

February 20, 2009

She got in my veins
like the wine we drank,
and swirled in my head
like a dark sweet red.

X Marks the Spot

February 17, 2009

She got me going like blustering gales
against a ship with full sails, the ocean prevails.
She left me there like a treasure that got lost .

So, I told this new one that the ‘x’ marks the spot
and she told me she’d look if she found the time.
Well, I don’t think she did, b’cause I haven’t seen her since.

I don’t remember her name, but she interested me
for a while, until she went away and I didn’t even notice at all.

We Are Builders

February 16, 2009

We are builders and breakers,
with a gift for creation
and the liberty to destroy.
Our monoliths of stone
have gotten complex, and turned to steel.
Our will — our entitlement complex —
pushes us ever on and on
taking and taking
filling our wood and plaster  caves
with new belongings, our spoils of battle,
to replace the old
as new memorials to this current war
replace the dusty reminders of the last.
These new trees build our new homes
and these new stones bury our old bones.

Babylonian Stone

February 13, 2009

Of ancient stones
I am made,
Ancient stones of Babylon.
Used for foundations,
roads, or for slings.
I like to imagine that mine
were once at the top of the Tower.

And How Lucky Am I

February 11, 2009

I have Loved
and been Loved,
shared Love.
I have spent the coins of summer skylines
and saved snowflakes,
I have danced in puddles
and swam in imaginary lakes;
I have seen her hair curl
when we came in from the rain,
I have been her comfort and strength
when she could bear not to be brave; 

I have Loved
and been Loved,
shared Love.

I know, because she told me so.
— It was Love —  
I know, because I let her go.

Shadows of Shade

February 9, 2009

shadows of shade 
we aren’t even alive,
echo of an echo,
we are blind.

Confident Yet Coy

February 5, 2009

There is a perfect woman,
I know her.
Her name is Confident yet Coy,
Smart yet Humble,
Curious and Clever,
Lovely but Modest,
Kind and Loving,
and worthy of Trust.
She is and always will be
Spoken For.

In the Dark

February 5, 2009

in the dark i cannot see her
though i know she is beautiful,
in the dark i cannot see her
though i know she is there.

You Are Beautiful.

February 5, 2009

You are absolutely beautiful.

(I thought maybe you needed to hear that).