March 30, 2009

I always forget
that I don’t actually have anything interesting to say
until someone else shows up
and steals the conversation away.

Tell Me Whiskey Works Better

March 23, 2009

we should have stolen a car
to feel the thrill of taking something
that wasn’t ours,
tell me whiskey works better
to heal my aching head,
and to blur the lines on the road
enough to pretend
the fading lights aren’t leading us
to the lives we’ve ruined;
tell me whiskey will work better
to find the house on the road
i don’t remember how to get to. 
tell me whiskey works better
and will burn my throat
so i can’t sing.

Sometimes, Love

March 21, 2009

sometimes the moon looks like a giant orange
dancing just above the hill tops
but it’s still just the moon.

sometimes love —

sometimes spring comes early, 
all the ice melts
but it’s still winter.

sometimes love —

sometimes, waking up, the dream is still around you
and it still lives, for a moment.
but it was still just a dream.

Just an Announcement

March 21, 2009

there are no reasons

for anything I do

and no one challenges this.

She Can Dance There All She Wants

March 21, 2009

There she is,
behind my eyes,
hiding again.
Waiting for my lids to close
to dance when all the lights are off.
But, there she is,
and probably will stay,
sooner or later i’ll decide
it’s better that way.

I Never Know

March 19, 2009

a cautious laugh
an exploratory glance,
see what you can get away with, 
see if eyes meet,
and if they do
do they freeze?
when hands brush
do fingers link?

Spring Murder

March 18, 2009

Lets make mud
and pretend it was us who killed winter.
Blood is on our hands
but it isn’t our blood. 
Cold air is on the wind
but we don’t shiver,
at least
not while we’re together.

I Am I

March 5, 2009

I am.  Maybe this is how God and I are similar.
He names Himself ‘I Am’
(I reduce it to ‘I’ but I am I)
And he created me in His image
therefore I, too, am. 
It feels good to say it
after so long of trying to disprove it
(or at least disregard it) 
it feels good to accept that I am
and therefore I do.

I’m at Home

March 1, 2009

The old hills don’t even know
but I’ll ask ’em anyhow,
the fire I’ll build won’t burn
and the world I’ll find won’t turn,
the end may never come
but, anyway, I’m at home.