Only In the Dark

May 29, 2009

When you’re in the dark all you can see is your imagination,
though sometimes I just imagine im in the dark
and that I cant see anything at all.
I lie there, still,
I get the sensation that I’m falling
and turning, then I hear screaming
though I’m not certain
whose screaming it is that I’m hearing.
It’s dark, so I don’t see the water below me
but I can feel it’s coolness,
the smell of it,
then it hits me,
and it
furthers my darkness.
When I wake up dry
I tightly close my eyes
but the pink glow I still see
reminds me,
Its only in the dark that you can see your Imagination.

Gone for a Reason but Won’t Stay Gone

May 28, 2009

Gone for a reason but won’t stay gone
headed for somewhere but won’t stay long,
back in town or back in time
nothing’s changin’ but nothing’s the same,
heroes can still lose and some times losers win
but in the end it’s only betting men who cash in,
Headed westward towards escape
chasin’ the sun before it can sink,
I wish I could say I get a little closer each day
but I can’t ride the sun any more than I can stay.
They say there’s a reason for everything
but you can never understand it,
so when it goes down just laugh like you planned it.
There’s never an ending come too soon
and never a beginning starts too late,
what there is
is a middle you didn’t anticipate
and a whole bunch of reasons why you did or didn’t wait.
Can there be a consequence you didn’t deserve
if there’s still lessons you have yet to learn?


May 22, 2009

There is a garden
in a courtyard
where I will sit
and remember
days like this
when I could have done better
but ignorance
truly is bliss.

Camp 111

May 11, 2009

Green grass and sun
smell like you.
Two slippery streams
cold on my feet
remind me of you.
Purple lilacs and green stems
smile like you.
The bees working so hard
dance like you.
The firey morning sun
kisses me like you used to.
The freezing night is gone
just like you.
The coming of Dawn
reminds me of this truth.


May 11, 2009

Sometimes its easier to forget,
sometimes its easier said than done,
once in a great while truth gets in the way of regret,
but usually truth is long gone.

The End Of Existence

May 2, 2009

I have a purpose, an essence,
I am a function.
I have ‘made-myself-useful(ed)’ myself to death.
Like a tool or equipment, I serve a purpose
and no longer exist.
Efficiency is my father
necessity my whore of a mother –
never satisfied, that one –
she has many children
stillborn, all of them.
They too, are functions.
No more or less useful than I am
really no different, just different.
A different job,
but they serve the same gods,
Though they are dead
they live no less than I.

No Title

May 1, 2009

i miss her all the time,
more than i’d let her know.