Gone for a Reason but Won’t Stay Gone

Gone for a reason but won’t stay gone
headed for somewhere but won’t stay long,
back in town or back in time
nothing’s changin’ but nothing’s the same,
heroes can still lose and some times losers win
but in the end it’s only betting men who cash in,
Headed westward towards escape
chasin’ the sun before it can sink,
I wish I could say I get a little closer each day
but I can’t ride the sun any more than I can stay.
They say there’s a reason for everything
but you can never understand it,
so when it goes down just laugh like you planned it.
There’s never an ending come too soon
and never a beginning starts too late,
what there is
is a middle you didn’t anticipate
and a whole bunch of reasons why you did or didn’t wait.
Can there be a consequence you didn’t deserve
if there’s still lessons you have yet to learn?

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