Nothing We Didn’t Expect

July 15, 2009

We always think the last mistake is the last mistake
until the next mistake is at stake
lets quit (m/t)aking excuses
and quit breaking promises
even if they were only to ourselves.

I Take Pictures to Forget

July 6, 2009

I take pictures of the places we’ve always been

and pretend that we’ll never be there again,

I send them as postcards to friends

explaining how much we miss all of them,

even though they’ve never left,

and just like us

they’ll never leave.


July 5, 2009


you’re headed back to cali-forn-i-a

back to where you’ve been headed

and where you’ll happily stay


you’ve always been so good at tellin’ lies

it comes so easily when you try

with those tears in your eyes


you always thought that it was boring

well now its you who’s been ignoring the signs

storms in the western skies

so open you eyes

you aren’t foolin anyone

you look like a child in disguise

like a wolf when you cry

The Rich Man’s Wife

July 1, 2009

and the rich man’s  wife
is growing her garden.

(well, lets hold our heads high
and steal every flower we like. )

July 1, 2009

use is freedom? a
riderless horse.