Ain’t Nobody

everybody dies young
nobody tries long
everybody dies old
everybody’s doin as their told

no body sleeps well
everybody’s thinking bout themselves
everybody can tell
the golden-rule is the only gold that don’t sell

no body cares for me
no body hears the words i speak
everybody knows who i should be
no body feels like being free

somebody once told me
life is just something you lead
well i’ve thought a lot about that
life won’t ever get the best of me

people are living longer and longer
but life’s getting shorter and shorter
everybody fills it up with things
jobs, homes, hobbys, and diamond rings

no body helps no one else
i even blame myself
but i think i’d do well
helpin’ with what i can help

everybody’s gonna hear me now
no body’s gonna know how
i won’t try to change a thing
change can happen when we sing.


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