Most Men

I suppose I forgot
I suppose I welcomed an ending to it all
all this wide-eyed wonder and curiosity.
There are times in a mans life
when he cant see any further than the tip of his nose.
What makes a man great
is what he does just then.

Most men
settle down.
Most men turn on the wipers when they drive through the rain.
Most men build a fence around their yard.
Most men marry.
Most men masturbate.
Most men divorce.
Most men work.

I can’t see past my nose
but I don’t remember a time that I could.

Most men teach their skinny little boy-children
that most men do what their daddies tell them.
Most men hide.
Most men lie.
Most men are afraid of change.
— of uncertainty.
Most men are habitual abusers:
Drugs, alcohol, children, women and animals.
Most men this,
most men that.

Most men are boring.
Most men disgust themselves.
Behind every cigarette their teeth gnash
at the thought
that they might live past sixty-five.
and what then?

Most men go to church
or worship football.
Most men know how to change a tire.

Most men die of heart-failure.
a condition they developed as boys.


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