April 28, 2010

A stream of chemicals
a rush of blood
and lies.

and lives.

Just A Song

April 27, 2010

And to think
I thought it was Love
that she was speaking of,
When all along
it was just a song
that she had stuck in her head.


April 27, 2010

I was let down again
but it wasn’t me this time
it was Gertrude and her little red life.
Spent the afternoon with me
and drank my wine,
left her dress on my floor
and her heart somewhere else.
She didn’t like me,
so I called her Gertrude
and buried her in the yard.


April 21, 2010

I can’t help but feel better
when the lilacs are in bloom.
And this spring
you are somewhere
behind and beyond

Seeds In the Sand of the Long Lonely Night

April 20, 2010

where there’s sand there’s glass,
where there’s seeds there’s plants,
where there’s will there’s ways,
where there’s nights there’s days.
But you don’t see that
you just see seeds in the sand
of the long lonely night.

Maybe It’s More Than All That

April 18, 2010

maybe life is a big joke and we’re the punchline or maybe its just an accident i don’t pretend to know – all i want out of it is to be happy – something inside me says that this is all we’ve got and its up to us to make it something worth having – we waste so much time leading up to things and we never quite get to them – we build tension but never crescendo –  we spend hours preparing and die looking in the mirror – we will never feel ready we will never be fully prepared – life happens while you sleep and while you think and while you wait – you have a collection of days and that is it – each day wasted is a day you’ll never have back its a day you missed a chance you didn’t take – another excuse atop the pile in the corner of your room – every hour is the only hour you will ever have – i cant bring myself to make decisions and stand by them – i waver – i make excuses look for signs and miracles – plead to anyone else just so that i’m not alone in being me – so that i’m not the one responsible for my choices – someone else to blame –  there isn’t going to be anyone else to blame when i die in relatively the same condition and situation that i’m in now – write my epitaph “He didn’t make it, but it was easier that way” –  ‘here goes nothing’ has never been more true.

I Want Reality to Set In (Abridged)

April 18, 2010

I don’t want to write poetry
I’m scared for you to read,
I don’t want to live in a dream
I can’t talk to you about.
I don’t want to write you love letters
I will never send.
I want to share all this with you.