Maybe It’s More Than All That

maybe life is a big joke and we’re the punchline or maybe its just an accident i don’t pretend to know – all i want out of it is to be happy – something inside me says that this is all we’ve got and its up to us to make it something worth having – we waste so much time leading up to things and we never quite get to them – we build tension but never crescendo –  we spend hours preparing and die looking in the mirror – we will never feel ready we will never be fully prepared – life happens while you sleep and while you think and while you wait – you have a collection of days and that is it – each day wasted is a day you’ll never have back its a day you missed a chance you didn’t take – another excuse atop the pile in the corner of your room – every hour is the only hour you will ever have – i cant bring myself to make decisions and stand by them – i waver – i make excuses look for signs and miracles – plead to anyone else just so that i’m not alone in being me – so that i’m not the one responsible for my choices – someone else to blame –  there isn’t going to be anyone else to blame when i die in relatively the same condition and situation that i’m in now – write my epitaph “He didn’t make it, but it was easier that way” –  ‘here goes nothing’ has never been more true.

One Response to Maybe It’s More Than All That

  1. artshopgirl says:

    I wish you sunny days. Take care of yourself. I still enjoy your writing. Art Shop Girl

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