Everything Matters

Let’s pretend we live in a world where everything matters,
and everyone is somewhere along they way to their “greatness,”
somewhere between the beginning and the end of their quest for meaning
and the quest results are real.
There is an ending worth working for.
The things they say do matter,
but the things they do matter most of all.
Achievements are collected,
deeds, habits, thoughts and such,
and they’re on their way!

All of a sudden its a race.
Each person is busily working on their particular to-do-list,
ignoring each other to the best of their ability.
The only interactions are now bitter,
people become hindrances, rather than friends
targets and objectives rather than family.

The Holy Assigner of Missions is watching; the only opinon to mind:
the Great Grader of Assignments’.
‘What others think of me will not matter when I complete the
goal that is set before me!’ they think.
‘I am his most illustrious completer
of tasks, surely I am in a better place than they.
I will be honored, revered for my tenacity in Tedium
and for my mastery of Menial!’

And still, one who dies
stays in his grave.
With some imaginary debt
left sorely unpaid.

To no one’s disappointment.

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