Reverse Meiosis

June 23, 2012

Everyone couples off
and begins to forget.

They absorb each other.

Like cell division
watched in reverse.
Two complete cells
become one.

They unravel themselves
and re-spool the line

halfing and wholing back up.
it gets confusing:
who is who
and who doesn’t exist anymore. 

Chemicals make this happen. you know.
Chemicals in their brain
that tell them they’re happy.
Tell them they’re getting what
they’ve always wanted.
Tell them what they always wanted.
When all they’ve ever
was to make their brains
in more chemicals.

Because the chemicals have us;
they make us.
We are all the same.

Reality is Optional

June 9, 2012

Into the dark
semi-lucid dream
where I am, simply, whatever I tell people I am
and I’m not what they think.
In reality,
I am everything anyone
has ever thought of me
as much as I am what I think I am.
But past this dream door
I am anything I want to be
and nothing less, or more.

I Miss You (More Than I’d Like to Admit)

June 6, 2012

green grass
and the long past
spin my mind in whorls.
spiraling towards
that last grasp
between my hand
and yours.