I’m In a Bad Way

i’d sell my soul if meant some peace.
i’d sell it all if i could sleep
just one night, of the week.

i’d quit my job if i was brave,
i’d sell my things and move away,
if i had nerve, id leave today.

there’s no secret i won’t tell,
ain’t no lie that i won’t sell,
to someone else, i’m a creep.

i hate you and i want you to know this
because im useless; its my destiny.
i’m broken there ain’t no repairing me.

i’d break my heart if it was whole,
just so you could watch it spill
onto the floor, all again.

i would fast if i could eat,
i would save if i could spend,
but penury, is my lot.

i’d be healthy if i quit the drink,
i’d be sane if i quit the ink,
but i cant mend, it makes me me.

I hate that i want you to notice
when i’m hurting no one else but me
i’m a coward for letting me be this
object of our fucked machine.

I can tell you what you want to hear
doesn’t mean it’s what i need.
Now. Let me self destruct alone, dear.
True Love Needs No Company,

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