Another Thursday Down (Twenty-nine)

Just another day 
I didn’t celebrate.
Waking up before dawn
and back to bed before ten,
I am up before dawn

Another year older, they’ll say
and I’ve said it too,
But every day is an anniversary
of a day you’ll never get back.
For better, or worse.

This is just the passing
Of another pile of mediocre beginnings
and stale half-endings.

The half-hearted hello’s — 
The digitally-reminded ones.
And the silent goodbyes — 
The never-followed-through-with ones.

This is just my body taking a step
further down the road of deterioration.
This is just my number going up.

This is a day I pretend everyone cares about
except me.
But really,
This is a day no one cares about
But me.

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