God Damn It’s Windy

November 12, 2013

God damn it’s windy
but it’s done you fine.
Holding you like
a lover, but cold.
Tossing your hair
about your face,
whipping you with it
like a wild romp.
And you look better
for it.

Water Under the Bridge

November 10, 2013

Your naked body
is pressed against mine.
There is no passion here
nothing to complicate.
I know that we’re broken
that’s no revelation
but at least we’ve opened
And so we’ll sink into the water going by.

We burned all our idols
with our ships at the shoreline.
We’d be headed to closure
if we actually cared enough to change.
But we’re cynical.
And skeptical.
That if we build a bridge
eventually we’d just burn it down
And sink into the water going by.

Heaven on the Inside (Yoga Pants)

November 7, 2013

It must be pristine.
A well tended thing of
And it should be, as
it’s the only thing the 
casual observer would
care to see.
Care to use.
It must be well rounded
and smart
like the rest.
Sharp, fit,
and trimmed.
Classy, with a bit
of wildness
under strict control.
It must be heaven on 
the inside.
It must be
Perfect —
And I will never
Find out.

November 7, 2013

Love is just
that thing you do

Aren’t You Curious?

November 5, 2013

Aren’t you curious
what museum our shiny bones will inhabit?
And how the future will
get our details wrong?
When they piece together our
fashions, weaponry, and
kitchen utensils.
Describing us, behind
the glass, to 14 year olds
who couldn’t care less.
Where will my job
at Pizza Hut figure into the diorama?
Who will make their Pizzas?