Blood and Paint

April 19, 2014


We looked at cells
how pretty they were
had they been hung on a wall
instead of your lungs.

What they would be worth
had they been framed in gold
instead of aveoli
and appreciated by critics
rather than oncologists.

Valley of Man

April 7, 2014


of the Kingdom of Man
all steel in glass,
Valleys of corrupted Kings
gathered in corporate mass.
Three-thousand years from creation
as skeletons they shall plea,
amid the rubble of that broken dome
where gods they used to be.
But for now they pray only to themselves
as they prey upon the weak,
and scatter the ashes of their
former selves
across the boiling seas.

Untitled (F**k It)

April 7, 2014


Settle to the earth
o my soul
and be at peace.
White and red,
hot with blood.
Chase your medicine around the room
until you sleep…
But sleep never lasts. (
you know that )
Once you wake up and smell the morning
make your coffee, then
stop the hammers behind your eyes.
Wait one minute past when you know you should leave (
just to show your contempt )
then walk faster than you normally would
and arrive early —
you rebel.

Early to Rise

April 6, 2014

i wake up early; before anyone else,
because then there is no Me.
With no pretext
i can just be.
i don’t have to put on a face
or remove one.
i don’t have to say anything
or think anything
or care about everything
and everyone.
I can stop existing in those frail
Before dawn
and after I wake.