Six Bad Months Don’t Make a Year

January 23, 2015

six bad months don’t make a year.
remember that this time next year.
when everything is still dull and gray;
the sky is white velvet
and the ground is wet.
don’t remind yourself that those people told you
its easy,
“just be happy.”
and don’t remember that this is your fault for not choosing
don’t remember that you are doing it wrong.
don’t remember that happy is normal
and normal is happy.
or that those couples are perfect,
that life is ideal
and there’s an objectively right way
to feel.
Do remember that
we all die the same way.
having never asked to live
but having done as best we could
with our accidental ‘gift.’
happiness isn’t always a lie
but it is always collusion
between amino acids
and nerves.
You have nothing to do with it.