November 26, 2016

from the stoic advances
of an ignorant boy
to the knowing glances
of a half-tamed lover

I Follow the Light

November 20, 2016

From hope
to expectation
I follow the light
until it dies.

I know I shouldn’t
rely —
but I follow that light
until it dies.

Left listless
in the darkness of an empty bedroom.
I’ve followed the light,
until it died.

An Unfortunate Verse

November 13, 2016

I’ve forgotten everything
I’ve ever said.
except for when,
I told myself
“You’ll never win.”

Only So

October 13, 2016

We remember
when we were
But we
leave it
only so.

Crossing Clarity

July 11, 2016

I am translucent
Figures on a map,
Hand drawn
And hopeful

I am electric shaking.

I am water to your will
Early morning
And a familiar favor
— always so distant.

I am giving up easy.

I am turning waves —
A tide crawling back to sea,
Whence a jealous ocean
claiming me

Be Alive First

March 13, 2016

We’re all going to die.
but the terrifying part
is that we’ve all gotta
be alive

Bone-white Girl

December 19, 2015

Like light shining through the blinds
we move across the floor, disappearing over time.
It’s ¬†all about understanding yourself
in your own context.

We are ghosts of ourselves,
haunting ourselves
And are lost in the composition.

As we should be.
We should never be in focus
always be a moving target,

a wisp in a still frame.
“There is the person
Then there is the paper.”
To die is gain.