Another Thursday Down (Twenty-nine)

October 4, 2013

Just another day 
I didn’t celebrate.
Waking up before dawn
and back to bed before ten,
I am up before dawn

Another year older, they’ll say
and I’ve said it too,
But every day is an anniversary
of a day you’ll never get back.
For better, or worse.

This is just the passing
Of another pile of mediocre beginnings
and stale half-endings.

The half-hearted hello’s — 
The digitally-reminded ones.
And the silent goodbyes — 
The never-followed-through-with ones.

This is just my body taking a step
further down the road of deterioration.
This is just my number going up.

This is a day I pretend everyone cares about
except me.
But really,
This is a day no one cares about
But me.

Front and Back of Life

September 7, 2013

On my bus there bloomed, before me, the front and back of life. Both beautiful and natural; the front was an extremely beautiful, young woman – wide awake and facing the day.  She was texting people, playing with her phone, and listening to music.  Yet, for long moments she would stare across the aisle at a sleeping old woman.  The elder was equally beautiful in her nature if not quite as nubile as the youth.  The elder, plastic rain-cap on her head, was sleeping in what must have been an uncomfortable position with her neck bent forward at a sharp angle.  She was most likely out to go shopping, as she had a grocery bag, and was not trying to hurry any more than she was trying to be social.  She didn’t feel the need to be impressive. She eventually woke up and let out a bronchial cough; for a moment both her and the youth were cognizant of each other’s existence.  Past reckons future.  Front meets back.  I couldn’t help but wonder what went through their minds in that brief flash of humanity. 

Aging, Time and a Simple Rhyme

July 27, 2010

As I age
and cease to grow
I start to wonder
where time goes

When I was growing
and still young
I only wondered
where it came from.