Whatever That Means

December 8, 2009

im scared of my own reflection
but i guess she’s good to me
whatever that means

i can talk words all day
but i cant speak
whatever that means

there’s a stain on my shoe
but at least it ain’t clean
whatever that means

i wasn’t alone last night
but i wasn’t drinkin free
whatever that means

i got a notebook full of flowers
and places we could eat
whatever that means

i quit smoking
so i could finally breathe
whatever that means

im not that far from leaving
she says she’ll miss me
whatever that means

I Never Know

March 19, 2009

a cautious laugh
an exploratory glance,
see what you can get away with, 
see if eyes meet,
and if they do
do they freeze?
when hands brush
do fingers link?

Make Up Your Mind About Me

October 18, 2008

i am precariously handled
like a half tame wolf
sometimes i am patted and scratched playfully
other times i am scorned and fearfully avoided
i am neither free, nor caged
i can not hunt though i am not fed
because my captor can not decide
where i fit in her head