You Always Know

January 2, 2012

You espouse the virtues
of going to the Room With the View.
You always know
You always knew.
Where the streets are made of melted jewelry
stolen from sinners like me
after we’re dead
and burning.
Lost in the abstract
fill in the blanks with black
and call it faith, but
it’s just giving up in a way.

Weep Not for Me While I Sleep

October 21, 2010

Weep not for me
while I sleep,
with eyes sewn shut
six feet deep.

Weep instead
for yourself,
for it is you, not I
who are in hell.

The Clay Pot

December 1, 2008

the clay pot
floating on water,
slowly sinks
closer to the bottom
which, when it hits
it breaks
releasing its contents
into the waves.
the pot is plain
not gildedĀ 
or decorated in any way
it is what it is,
a vessel
destined to break.
at first the water will seem dark,
because it is very deep,
but with time
one can discover
in the water you are free.
free to swim
in the endless calm
of an eternal sea.

Burn My Body, Keep Not the Dust

October 9, 2008

celebrate death
revel in its release
its ultimate ending
and its final peace

do not mourn for me
the day i eventually die
instead mourn for you
because you continue to suffer, not i