A Seven Minute Letter (And Thoughts on God)

November 21, 2011

god is a desert sand
and he is in me.
Leaving only cinders
and trembling hands.
he is in me.
god is an Idea that grows
until I’m not sure if I am
the thinker or the thought.
god is unafraid to look upon
the unknowable
and to pursue the dark places
step by stumble.
And he is in me
pushing me inside out.
The compulsion,
the doubt,
the restless passion —
is in me.

Love and Desire

March 18, 2010

There is love,
and there is desire.
Rarely do they coexist in our lives.

Desire is mutually exclusive
love is wanton.

We can desire
or we can love.
We can want
or we can have.
We can hold
or we can let go.

There is this girl
and I am wanton for her.
But my desire
may kill it.