Sometimes, Love

March 21, 2009

sometimes the moon looks like a giant orange
dancing just above the hill tops
but it’s still just the moon.

sometimes love —

sometimes spring comes early, 
all the ice melts
but it’s still winter.

sometimes love —

sometimes, waking up, the dream is still around you
and it still lives, for a moment.
but it was still just a dream.

Let’s Talk About the Weather

December 8, 2008

So here I am again,
there’s brandy in my coffee
and an aching in my head.
The smoke in here is wafting
and the music is a drag,
my pen is running dry
my notebook is full,
I’m writing on the margins.
I will run out of space
before I clear my head.
I will see your face
before I see my bed.
Snow gets deeper and deeper
but it isn’t that cold,
the sky is purple.
There I go again,
talking about the weather
I ramble and ramble
when I have something to say.
Like a labyrinth I get lost
I am no Daedalus,
I never get around to meaning anything,
but I say it anyway.