My Green Floor

May 16, 2010

look at all these notebooks
I have them scattered out on my green floor.
Weathered and bare in spots
scratches of age and movement.
Dragging and sliding
rubbing and walking.
I’m digging, you see.
through all this paper
and ink
to find something real.
Something that doesn’t just scratch
and rub.
Just something other than
Something more than a shadow
of a shadow of a thought.
Something better than letters,
Pens, and these God DAMN SCRATCHES.
The wood is bare
in places.
The paint is lifted
and my green floor is
a motley brown and green
Like a dormant lawn in early spring.

I Want You To

September 27, 2009

I want you to need me
or hate me.
I want you to love me
or destroy me.
I want you to hear me
or forget me.
I want you to be gone
or be here.

I Hate Love

April 8, 2009

Soaring highs
deepest lows
exploding hearts
and scars that still show.

Fights about small things
that bring us to tears.
Kisses for nothing
that bury our fears.

I hate love,
for what its worth,
I hate love
because  I’m never sure.