You Always Know

January 2, 2012

You espouse the virtues
of going to the Room With the View.
You always know
You always knew.
Where the streets are made of melted jewelry
stolen from sinners like me
after we’re dead
and burning.
Lost in the abstract
fill in the blanks with black
and call it faith, but
it’s just giving up in a way.

The Only Rule

November 11, 2009

If  love ignores guilt
than hell is empty,
and if its not
then its full of sheep and lovers,

Over in the corner
where he cowers,
Satan is mumbling
something about Justice.

He’s the only one not talking
and the only one that won’t meet friends,
you cant win a fight with God,
just ask him.

“What justice!”
he cries hour after hour,
“where I am the sacrifice
to flex Heaven’s power,

Bound by no law
but supreme Justice,
do so many have to burn
to keep things righteous?”

When the balance is struck
the gates will close
and in hell we’ll burn
in heaven they’ll sing,

Oh! Heavenly Justice
that saved my soul,
forgave my sins
and ignored my guilt.