November 27, 2012

The stars are grazing
on infinite black turf,
galaxies whine
as they spin.

The oceans are playing
with shores they touch,
an endless game
they can’t win.

Trees are worshiping
their sylvan gods,
for the sermon
that won’t begin.

And, the earth is sleeping
in motionless calm,
sometimes a stir
from within.

Yet, here I am at work
my meaningless job,
selling widgets

Catching Up Over the Pavement and the Distance

March 10, 2010

What are those birds on the wire talking about?
The yellow
daffodils that have been blooming since February?
The blue
edge of the ocean?
The orange
magnetic rim of the horizon?
The outline of the trees?

Are they talking birdy-gossip?
Fighting over direction
scheming to get ahead?

Are they joking? Laughing
and smiling?
Passing news from the south
to the birds from the north?
Catching up with old friends
over the pavement
and the distance?

They cackle and caw
like a table of geriatric women, white and bitter.
They’re taking a tone
when I walk below them,
cautious and reserved.  A warning.
Maybe they know something
I don’t.

What Does I Matter?

March 9, 2010

There are Oceans out there,
and mountains, midwest.
There are storms so powerful
they can make you disappear.
There are swarms of bees
on the verge of apocalypse
yet they struggle – each does its part –
dancing and collecting.
There are Mountains!
Oh, the Mountains.
There are streams of water
purer than the rain.
There is dirt so fragrant
it would put your sterile homes to shame.
There are trees thousands of years old,
there are forests of them
unmoving, stoic and moss-covered.
There are skies that span east to west.
There are horizons
yet to have been met.
There is so much to discover,
What does I matter?
What could I possibly matter?
I is for Insignificant.
I is for small.
I is for forgetting
that you are only part of it all.


December 27, 2008

legs feed the wolf
eyes feed the vulture
the heart feeds the flies
and skeletons feed the earth,
the wind consumes the dust
water eats the rocks
winter eats the fall
and time swallows it all.


October 24, 2008

as our riches fade
and culture crumbles 
into the dust from which
the bricks will be fired
to build the houses of our
some things remain unchanged,
strength of will
and beauty in nature still

Gossamer or Green

October 21, 2008

spiders or flowers
webs among vines
minutes still move to hours
a tick at a time.

But I Have You

October 8, 2008

we walk on acorns
and their little hats
up the hill and back

the golden beams
beaming through the branches
in the canopy of greens

the ants marching,
indifferent to us,
always hard working

a deer sprints off,
apparently not
liking what she saw

as we walk through
they have nature
but i have you.