When the Poet Sings

November 24, 2008

when the poet sings, nobody dances;
but he’s so sad!
he sings in 6/8 time and past tense
crying about things he’s never really felt
using euphemisms he’s never really meant
dreaming of the places he wishes he never went to
somehow making up his mind
that it will all come in due time
and that the ending will be just fine
so long as he can finish the line
with gentle rhythm and imperfect rhyme.

The Poet and the Paper

October 20, 2008

sometimes i write
because it isn’t worth
the heat of my breath.

but the poet never forgets.

sorry ears, move on to hear
and an angry voice will soften
but the paper stroked by pen
is permanently encumbered
by whatever mood or muse
has taken the author.

the paper never forgets.