Don’t Worry, It Has a Happy Ending

February 15, 2017

We’d sing until our throats burst
raw and breaking,
with every fucking chorus
we’d sweat,
we’d breathe in each other’s exhaled curses
and every vaporized
word tasted like catharsis.

We’re still using this —
We’re still walking with our holy crutches
after breaking windows with our feet
and throwing bricks
into the street.

Even as we promised not to take any of this seriously
we killed everyone involved.

As the walls crumbled under our fingernails
and we danced through the conversations
we managed to lose ourselves in the disfiguring,
“we hurt, yes, but never others”
we console each other.
It’s ok.

It’s never okay.
It’s never fine.
It’s never us.
We say.

In the end we were just a pile of ruptured concrete
under a parking lot
for a Costco.
Our lies married our dreams
under the floor
of the frozen food


January 19, 2017

We share this home –
this vessel of blood and bones.
Mingle with me
and divide my cells.
Mitosis. Meiosis, Metastasis.
Inch across my abdomen.
Terrify my family,
and eat me from inside.
Wrinkle my skin and hollow my cheeks.
You breathe when I breathe.
Eat when I eat.
Divide. Divide, repeat.


On the Lips a Whisper 

December 2, 2016

You may have yet to find
The words by which you’ll be remembered most,
You may have yet to refine
The voice in which you say them,

But you are not, on the lips, a whisper
for those hearts by which you’re known,
Where in deep resounding timbre
You are a fully voiced song.

Heart Full of Bees

November 29, 2016

Its easy to romanticize bees,
When they dance
Instead of speak,

Its easy to romanticize bees,
As they obey their
Queen’s every whim,

Its easy to romanticize bees,
Atop their mountain

Its easy to romanticize bees,
Your heart is full of them.


November 26, 2016

from the stoic advances
of an ignorant boy
to the knowing glances
of a half-tamed lover

I Follow the Light

November 20, 2016

From hope
to expectation
I follow the light
until it dies.

I know I shouldn’t
rely —
but I follow that light
until it dies.

Left listless
in the darkness of an empty bedroom.
I’ve followed the light,
until it died.

An Unfortunate Verse

November 13, 2016

I’ve forgotten everything
I’ve ever said.
except for when,
I told myself
“You’ll never win.”