I Follow the Light

November 20, 2016

From hope
to expectation
I follow the light
until it dies.

I know I shouldn’t
rely —
but I follow that light
until it dies.

Left listless
in the darkness of an empty bedroom.
I’ve followed the light,
until it died.

Untitled (F**k It)

April 7, 2014


Settle to the earth
o my soul
and be at peace.
White and red,
hot with blood.
Chase your medicine around the room
until you sleep…
But sleep never lasts. (
you know that )
Once you wake up and smell the morning
make your coffee, then
stop the hammers behind your eyes.
Wait one minute past when you know you should leave (
just to show your contempt )
then walk faster than you normally would
and arrive early —
you rebel.

Whatever That Means

December 8, 2009

im scared of my own reflection
but i guess she’s good to me
whatever that means

i can talk words all day
but i cant speak
whatever that means

there’s a stain on my shoe
but at least it ain’t clean
whatever that means

i wasn’t alone last night
but i wasn’t drinkin free
whatever that means

i got a notebook full of flowers
and places we could eat
whatever that means

i quit smoking
so i could finally breathe
whatever that means

im not that far from leaving
she says she’ll miss me
whatever that means