Sleep and I

September 10, 2012

The sun goes down
and chemicals rage,
Sleep and I
are fallen casualties
of the war they wage.
I fill notebooks
then tear them up,
page by page.
I only half believe
the thingsĀ I have said,
but it keeps me awake
thinking of the things
I never would.

You Are the Tiger of My Dreams

October 23, 2009

In my dreams
waits a tiger,
so I sleep scared
when I sleep at all.

I hear twigs break
and clandestine footfalls
where maybe
there was nothing at all.

Only In the Dark

May 29, 2009

When you’re in the dark all you can see is your imagination,
though sometimes I just imagine im in the dark
and that I cant see anything at all.
I lie there, still,
I get the sensation that I’m falling
and turning, then I hear screaming
though I’m not certain
whose screaming it is that I’m hearing.
It’s dark, so I don’t see the water below me
but I can feel it’s coolness,
the smell of it,
then it hits me,
and it
furthers my darkness.
When I wake up dry
I tightly close my eyes
but the pink glow I still see
reminds me,
Its only in the dark that you can see your Imagination.

Eyes Like Sleep

January 8, 2009

eyes like sleep
and crave it in the light,
counting the hours
in deliberation for the night,
when, pulling closed the shades
and locking up tight,
sliding and turning
they take flight,
through wild worlds
of alternate lives,
until morning comes
scalding and bright.