I Miss You (More Than I’d Like to Admit)

June 6, 2012

green grass
and the long past
spin my mind in whorls.
spiraling towards
that last grasp
between my hand
and yours.

The Seasons

October 14, 2008

there she was
green and young,
her hair was growing
her limbs were stiff
she woke early each morning
in the cool arms of fog 

there she was
and she was mine
heat brought her fully to bear
her beauty was indubitable;
she grew limber
and danced in the breeze
as the sun consumed the day 
and tickled the leaves.

there she was
distant and deteriorating  
her bright colors, deep flames, 
she was leaving
before the first frost
she was growing cold
she was already lost

there she was
dressed in white
cold and quiet
somber and hard.
far from the green in which she started
or the heat in which she grew,
her colors have faded
but she was the best I ever knew.

Summer Songs

October 13, 2008

bread crumbs on the ground
and worms,
sticks, twigs and straw.
eggs in the spring
summer songs
autumn wings.

The Stony Shore

September 21, 2008

i visit the stony shore
where the daisies are
like little crowned kings
standing in the mud
left soft and rank
by summer floods; 
not unlike they
i’m watching the seasons sway:
summer’s gone pink
and headed west
with autumn on its heels,
soon the river will be frozen
and their kingdom made of ice,
but the lords of the shore
show little concern,
possessing patience i have yet to learn.