November 18, 2011

I’ve slept for almost a decade.
78thousand 8hundred forty hours.
Nine years and counting.
$670,140 earned at minimum wage.
Eight fifty.
How is that legal?  How does a man survive
on Eight fucking fifty?
— I don’t even have a job.
Don’t sleep til three thirty
unless you don’t have a job.
Or you work nights.
I don’t work nights.
But I don’t sleep nights, either.
I just lie there as awake as the other side of the world
thinking about things
like the other side of the world.
Then next thing you know,
It’s three thirty.  I know because
I hear the door slam
when my roommates leave for their jobs.
I don’t use clocks.  I wear a watch
but I cant really read it.
I hope it makes me look responsible and
Time should be fluid and free flowing
not rigid and measured, tick for tock.
But then again,
I sleep til 3:thirty.  What do I have to be
on time for? Why should I use a

Aging, Time and a Simple Rhyme

July 27, 2010

As I age
and cease to grow
I start to wonder
where time goes

When I was growing
and still young
I only wondered
where it came from.


June 27, 2010

You spider.
Crawling and spinning your web,
your twelve
spindly legs
weaving and repeating
in an endless spiral.
Catch us, your prey,
and consume us.
day by day by day.
Eventually your eternal
web will be littered
with all of our vague remains.
Your claws click,
tock tick, tock tick.
Your eyes are black
and indiscriminate,
Catching and eating

A Little More On Time

June 23, 2010

I might break your heart,
Or you might break mine,
Or maybe we’ll lose that spark,
To the immensity of time.

I love you now,
That’s all I have to offer,
Time is electric we can use it to glow,
In this moment, together.

I’m Sure There’s a Clock

March 9, 2010

There is a clock around here, somewhere.
I’m sure it has something to say.

You’re late for work.
You missed breakfast.
You sleep too much.
You never listen.
You’d best be:
getting dressed.
getting shaved.
getting cleaned up.
getting your teeth brushed.
getting a move on.
moving on.


I’m sure there’s a calendar, too.

Night Passing

December 4, 2008

the stars climb the hills
and jump off west
from the top,
arcing over my head
toward the land
of the setting sun.

Gossamer or Green

October 21, 2008

spiders or flowers
webs among vines
minutes still move to hours
a tick at a time.