November 18, 2011

I’ve slept for almost a decade.
78thousand 8hundred forty hours.
Nine years and counting.
$670,140 earned at minimum wage.
Eight fifty.
How is that legal?  How does a man survive
on Eight fucking fifty?
— I don’t even have a job.
Don’t sleep til three thirty
unless you don’t have a job.
Or you work nights.
I don’t work nights.
But I don’t sleep nights, either.
I just lie there as awake as the other side of the world
thinking about things
like the other side of the world.
Then next thing you know,
It’s three thirty.  I know because
I hear the door slam
when my roommates leave for their jobs.
I don’t use clocks.  I wear a watch
but I cant really read it.
I hope it makes me look responsible and
Time should be fluid and free flowing
not rigid and measured, tick for tock.
But then again,
I sleep til 3:thirty.  What do I have to be
on time for? Why should I use a