New Winter

December 24, 2008

this new winter
clothed like the last
new only in number
similar in taste
a cold and somber flavor 
just like the old ones
its hard to swallow
but it will be gone
some sunny warm tomorrow

The Seasons

October 14, 2008

there she was
green and young,
her hair was growing
her limbs were stiff
she woke early each morning
in the cool arms of fog 

there she was
and she was mine
heat brought her fully to bear
her beauty was indubitable;
she grew limber
and danced in the breeze
as the sun consumed the day 
and tickled the leaves.

there she was
distant and deteriorating  
her bright colors, deep flames, 
she was leaving
before the first frost
she was growing cold
she was already lost

there she was
dressed in white
cold and quiet
somber and hard.
far from the green in which she started
or the heat in which she grew,
her colors have faded
but she was the best I ever knew.

Winter’s Door

September 20, 2008

winter’s door has a light under it
beaming white across the hall,
there aren’t any sounds
like the music of summer
or the rainy spring’s pitter patter,
just the white sliver
underneath the door.