With Indifference to Everyone But Me

October 4, 2013

I want a girl who gets pissed off.

I want a girl who swears,
But swears never to do so in front of my mom.
I want a girl that knows what she wants.
Who can look me in the eye and say,
“No, you’re wrong.”

I want a girl that knows when to lie,
How to lie,
And never has to lie to me.

I want a girl that scares me,
Bears me,
and wears me out.

I want a girl who’s clean.
I want a girl dirtier than me,
Privately obscene.

I want a girl who knows who Charlemagne was
and doesn’t need a dictionary to spell.

I want a girl that doesn’t depend on me
To depend on her.

I want a girl who doesn’t believe in me.
Isn’t obsessed with me
and doesn’t need me around.

But she wants me around.

She doesn’t watch TV
but doesn’t complain about people who do.
She reads. Doesn’t care if you don’t.

I want a girl who eats when she’s hungry
and feeds me sometimes, too.

I want a girl who knows she’s a woman
and knows who that woman is.
She is confident, not arrogant.
Careful, not afraid.
Efficient, not fast.
Beautiful, not hot.
(She would also accept:
Elegant, or

I want a girl who knows her value
and won’t sell herself short
but she isn’t rude about it.
Knows her place
But knows she doesn’t have to stay there.

I want a girl who thinks outside the box.
Namely: by not using phrases like, “Think outside the box.”

I want a clever girl.
And she gets the reference.
She cherishes irreverence.
And she goes about her day
with indifference
to everyone but me.

I want a girl who gets caught in daydreams.
She talks to herself sometimes
because she has an imagination
and isn’t ashamed of it.
She has a conscience
but isn’t afraid of it.

She’d be at home on a greyhound bus
or living out of a suitcase.

I want a girl that doesn’t believe in romance
but enjoys the gimmick.

I want a girl that can defrag a hard drive
I want a girl that can keep her plants alive.

Maybe one that’s sexy in scrubs
Gentle and tough.

I don’t want her to change for me,
Because she’s already honest and upfront.
She doesn’t take my shit.
But she doesn’t mind
putting up with it.

Wicked Tricks

December 8, 2008

awful tricks,
i am captured in her nets
by the lines
she spun like webs,
as charged,
and her face —
she need say no more.

She’s So Smart

September 29, 2008

she is so smart
i can’t even speak!
the cloaks i use,
the words i choose,
all of them are like smoke
but to her eyes — no use,
she sees through them
even when they sting
she doesn’t miss a thing.